City Getting Blast From The Early 90s

Items stored in Windsor's time capsule, back in 1992, are revealed in celebration of the city's upcoming 125th birthday, May 16, 2017. (Photo by Mike Vlasveld)

The City of Windsor is looking back in time, as it has opened a capsule that was put together for its centennial anniversary in 1992.

A big metal “W” was filled with t-shirts, posters and hats from the Centennial Celebration, as well as donations of mugs, documents and other trinkets from community organizations.

“I had forgotten that the plan was to add 25 items [in 2017] and then open it again in another 25 years. So hopefully I’m around for that one,” said Gisele Seguin, coordinator of the Centennial Celebration.

She adds that it wasn’t a very glitzy campaign back in 1992, but they did have access to technology like a cell phone and fax machine.

A couple of the more memorable pieces for Seguin were the centennial bus that would tour around the area and a handwritten newsletter that they would send out every month.

All of the items from the time capsule will be on display for three weeks at the Chimczuk Museum, starting on Windsor’s 125th birthday this Saturday.