Rotarians Offer Facts About Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana plants seen at Aphria's Leamington greenhouses on February 19, 2016. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

Rotary Clubs of Windsor-Essex know a lot of people have questions about the use of medical marijuana, and they hope to answer some.

The clubs are hosting a panel discussion Tuesday night at the Ciociarro Club in Tecumseh. The doors will open at 5:30pm, and the discussion gets underway at 7pm.

“Aphria has been in the news quite a bit, so that kind of peaked our interest to invite people to come and talk about it because it’s also very controversial,” says Rotarian Rina Hyland referring to a Leamington producer of medical marijuana.

The panel will feature Dr. Carolynn Hamm, an oncologist at the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre.

More and more people are being prescribed medical marijuana, an option that would have been unthinkable with Canada’s prohibition against it just a few decades ago. Although Health Canada established regulations for its use in 2001, some are still suspicious of its reported health benefits.

“There’s a lot of different opinions,” says Hyland. “We kinda wanted to temper the positions and have people become more objective about making judgement on people using medical marijuana.”