The Chasing Hazel Foundation logo. (Photo courtesy

Local Support Growing For Children With Down Syndrome

Windsor-Essex has a new advocate for families that have children with Down syndrome.

The Chasing Hazel Foundation is being started by Stephanie Seguin and her husband Matt, who say they want to show support for families in the same situation they were when they had their daughter.

“I feel like parents of kids with Down syndrome, all we need is a little bit of hope to grab onto and it really helps us to know what our kids are capable of and to not underestimate them,” explains Stephanie.

The Seguins are rocking their socks all over Windsor today for World Down Syndrome Day.

Stephanie says she is grateful, as some community organizations have already offered to donate money from past fundraisers they’ve run.

She adds that their foundation is starting small by simply reaching out to families in the area, connecting them with the Down syndrome community, and collecting donations where they can.