Call To Crack Down On Illegal Dumping In The County

Essex Mayor Sherry Bondy. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

When Essex Town Councillor Sherry Bondy spotted a couch dumped along Wright Rd., she decided she would do something about it.

“I had to pull over and take a picture of it because I couldn’t believe that somebody would just dump a couch there,” she says. “It’s a road that doesn’t have any houses there, so it’s kind of remote.”

A quick call to fellow Councillor Larry Snively confirmed illegal dumping is a problem on Dunn Rd. and on some of the concession roads too.

Monday night, she will introduce a notice of motion at council’s regular meeting calling for a public awareness campaign, stiffer fines and better enforcement to prevent illegal dumping.

However, she will need help from other municipalities in the county. The couch didn’t come from a home in Essex.

“You can find out who had owned this garbage at some time because there were receipts in the garbage and there were letters,” says Bondy who says the evidence pointed to a home in Tecumseh.

Bondy says there is no reason for Essex residents to illegally dump old furniture since they have curbside pickup service.

Windsor recently launched a voucher program for residents that have to get rid of old furniture after studying the extent of its illegal dumping problem.