Line Worker Fighting To Use Medical Marijuana Returns To Work

Medical marijuana plants seen at Aphria's Leamington greenhouses on February 19, 2016. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

A Windsor line worker who went public with his fight to use medical marijuana on the job is headed back to work.

Joshua Jacquot went off work in November to cope with his symptoms of anxiety and depression. He went public in January after confessing to his employer, Ventura Assembly, that he was using medical marijuana. He says there are many Canadians who also need to use medical marijuana and wanted to raise awareness about the issue.

At the time, his employer informed him it would not allow him to use medical marijuana “in any form possible” on company property, and he tried to go back to work without it.

“I only worked a day and a half, and I ended up having an anxiety attack,” he tells

Jacquot says he has met with higher management at Ventura about returning to work and expects to be back on the job on Wednesday.

“They told me they would have to get a form for my doctor to fill out and that I would have to wait,” he says. “I went to work today, actually. I talked with my human resources department. They said they’re still working on the form.”

Jacquot also says he has not been told what shift he would be working. He says that is important because he can not work the midnight shift because of his mental illness.

He says he has sought legal advice.