Windsor Area Paramedics Struggle To Serve

Essex-Windsor EMS Chief presents 2017 budget. February 01, 2017. (Photo by Paul Pedro)

Paramedics in Essex-Windsor are dealing with the second highest number of calls in Ontario along with decreased provincial funding.

That’s according to theĀ Chief of EMS Bruce Krauter.

Krauter says his staff is constantly under pressure and that’s why he’s asking the county for an extra 6.8% orĀ $1-million in this year’s budget.

Krauter cites a constant “struggle to meet response times” and “delays off loading patients” at hospitals that cost money.

“Patient off load delays cost local taxpayers $2-million a year in lost production time,” says Krauter.

The chief adds $2-million is the equivalent of “two ambulances we could have on the road” and calls it “a chess game on steroids trying to keep ambulances on the road.”

The chief says packed hospitals and more complex patients at long term care facilities are seriously impacting operations.

Essex-Windsor EMS has 300 paramedics.