Looks Like A White Christmas This Year

A close-up photo of a Christmas tree. (Photo courtesy thehomesitter.com)

If you’ve been dreaming of a white Christmas, you’re in luck.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Geoff Coulson says the temperatures will warm up, but it won’t be so mild it melts the snow that has already accumulated.

“I think it’s looking pretty good at this point in time to keep what we have,” he says. “Even with milder temperatures and some sunshine Christmas Eve on Saturday, I think we do have enough on the ground to have a white Christmas.”

Other areas of the province won’t be so lucky.

“There is a big system brewing out of Colorado that looks like it’s going to affect the weather more in northern and eastern Ontario,” says Coulson. “It looks like it’s mostly going to be a rain event down in the southwest.”

Since the 1950s, southwestern Ontario and particularly Windsor-Essex has just a 44% chance of having snow on the ground December 25.

“Certainly a nice change from last year,” Coulson adds.

Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent both smashed the record high December 23, 2015 when the temperature rose to 14.7 C (58.4 F). Last Christmas Day, it got up to 7 C (45 F) and was sunny.