Super Moon Dominates SW Ontario Sky

A "supermoon" is shown above the Walkerville section of Windsor on Nov 13, 2016. Photo by Mark Brown,

Star gazers in Southwestern Ontario are enjoying the closest full moon to earth in almost seven decades.

The so-called “Supermoon” began rising in the eastern sky over the region shortly after 5pm, giving an appearance resembling the large, bright moon seen in the film Moonstruck.  The bright moon seen over the region is the closest full moon to the earth since January 1948.  According to NASA, the moon appears 30% brighter than usual.

NASA says, however, that the big show will likely be Monday morning with the moon appearing at its biggest and brightest.  NASA says the largest-appearing moon should occur between 6:30am and 8:45am.  A similar looking moon is expected to be seen locally Monday evening as well.

This is the third “Supermoon” expected to be seen in 2016.  The previous one was on October 16, and there is another one coming up on December 14.

For information on this phenomenon, visit the feature on NASA’s website.