Police Stepping Up RIDE Checks for Halloween Weekend

A LaSalle police cruiser

Local law enforcement agencies are keeping a closer eye on drivers this weekend with Halloween approaching.

With people stepping out this weekend for Halloween parties and the likelihood of impaired driving on area roadways, police officers such as those in LaSalle are setting up RIDE programs to ensure drivers are complying with local traffic laws and refraining from drunk driving.

LaSalle police set up RIDE checkpoints at several locations within the municipality late Friday and early Saturday, according to a release by LaSalle Police Sergeant Duncan Davies.  During those checks, about 340 drivers were interviewed.  Many drivers mentioned that they were acting as designated drivers for friends or family members while attending Halloween parties.

Five drivers were given roadside sobriety tests and one of them was issued a three-day driver’s licence suspension on the spot.

Officers also issued cautions for drivers who were not wearing seat belts, had malfunctioning equipment or had their cellphones in their laps while driving, which may indicate cell use or texting behind the wheel.

Police urge drivers who may be going out this Halloween weekend to designate a driver.  If you drink, do not attempt to drive home.  Call a taxi, an Uber driver, or take public transport.