Group Against Privatization Of Hydro One

Former MPP Rosario Marchese chair of Citizens Coalition Against Privatization speaks at a town hall meeting in Maidstone, October 11, 2016. (Photo by Maureen Revait)

Local MPPs and community members are sending out a call to action for people who are against the privatization of Hydro One.

Former MPP Rosario Marchese spoke at a town hall meeting in Maidstone of around 100 people outlining the history of hydro and hydro rates in the province. Marchese says the continued privatization of Hydro One will only increase hydro rates for everyone in the province.

“We haven’t been able to stop the government yet.  They’ve already sold 30%.  My message to this community is we can continue fighting.  We must continue fighting until we persuade the government to stop the next 30% of Hydro One,” she says.

Marchese would like to establish a local chapter of the Citizens Coalition Against Privatization to raise awareness in the community and organize events to persuade the government against the sale.

Widow Cherie Beneteau was one of many people at the town hall meeting voicing their frustrations with the rising cost of hydro.

“Recently — the company that I work for decided to leave Canada, and so now I’m unemployed, and my hydro bills are just phenomenal.  My house is bleeding money,” says Beneteau.

She’s part of a group organizing a rally at Queen’s Park on November 16 to protest hydro rates in Ontario.

Marchese says the province can’t ignore actions like this across the province.

“We know that if we get a group of people who are engaged, and want to do something and create a campaign in the community, it’s going to grow, and the message will be heard by the government,” says Marchese.

The Liberals say the sale of Hydro One will allow them to invest in infrastructure across the province and will not lead to an increase of hydro sales.

The town hall meeting was hosted by local MPPs Tara Natyshak, Percy Hatfield, and Lisa Gretzky.