Water Damage In Your Basement? Call Your Insurer

Heavy rain in Windsor-Essex caused flooding across many roadways in the region, also affecting homes and businesses on September 29, 2016. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

A flood insurance expert says even if you don’t have flood insurance if your basement filled up during last week’s big storm, you might still have coverage.

Anne Marie Thomas with Insurancehotline.com says while many homeowners in Windsor and Tecumseh don’t have flood insurance, they do have sewer backup insurance and it’s not the same thing.

“A lot of people think water coming into their house is considered to be a flood. It’s not a flood. That’s a sewer backup,” she says.

Thomas admits there’s a lot of confusion about what, from an insurer’s point of view is considered a flood.

“A flood is over-land water,” she says. “So, rivers and lakes rising, and that water from the rivers and lakes coming into your home.”

Thomas says it’s possible many homeowners in Windsor and Tecumseh that figured the damage in their basement isn’t covered by insurance may be wrong. They may not realize they can file a claim. However, in order to qualify for reimbursement of sewer backup damage, Thomas says homeowners will have had to already arranged for coverage with their provider.

She says typically sewer backup insurance can range from $5,000 to $10,000.