A dedication ceremony is held in Essex for the WWII replica Spitfire, September 21, 2014. (Photo by Jason Viau)

More Names Needed For Spitfire Memorial

The Town of Essex wants to hear from families of veterans looking to add names to the Memorial Spitfire and Honour Wall in the town.

Councillor Randy Voakes says the 1,800 names attached to the memorial of those who served for the Royal Canadian Air Force and Royal Air Force in WWII doesn’t cover everyone.

“As a result of that collection of names people have rose up and said, ‘Hey my mother, my father, my sister, brother [have served],'” says Voakes. “We have an opportunity for everybody to be recognized.”

Voakes says the memorial has become a centre piece of main street Essex.

“It has brought more people into this community. There’s not a day goes by where you don’t go down there and see somebody down there,” says Voakes. “It’s done more for this town than the 14 years I’ve been on council.”

A program has been set up through Hallmark Memorial where families of veterans can get a memorial stone made up for $275 and town staff will see it added to the monument.