Go-Karting For Huntington’s Disease

Photo of a Go Kart courtesy of © Can Stock Photo Inc. / n1kcy

The organizers of this year’s Windsor-Essex County Indy Go-Kart Challenge hope to top last year’s fundraising record for the Huntington Society of Canada.

Last year’s event raised $16,500.

Huntington disease is a debilitating brain disorder that is incurable and fatal. The hereditary disease is estimated to affect one in 7,000 Canadians every year. The child of a person with Huntington’s has a 50% chance of inheriting it.

Those with Huntington’s suffer uncontrollable jerky movements, cognitive and emotional impairment and difficulties swallowing.

Researchers are making advancements quickly, and once they find a cure, it could provide answers to other neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s, ALS and Parkinson.

Proceeds from this event help fund programs in family services and research.

Families are invited to take part in this year’s event at Zap Zone Fun Centre at 1093 Ambassador Dr. in Windsor. Registration is at 8:45am and racing starts at 9:30am.