Thieves Stealing Unlocked Vehicles

(Photo courtesy © Can Stock Photo Inc. / welcomia)

Several preventable vehicle thefts in just one weekend has prompted Windsor police to issue a warning to motorists.

The caution comes after 11 cars were reported stolen from July 15 to July 18.

Police say nine of those stolen vehicles were as a result of keys being left in an unlocked car, leaving keys for one car inside a second unlocked vehicle and keeping garage doors open overnight.

Gardening in the backyard also left a few residents temporarily without wheels, as thieves went inside the home to get keys.

“Summer is a busy time but everyone needs to remain attentive and lock their vehicles,” Windsor police say in a news release.

A stolen vehicle in the hands of inexperienced or unlicensed drivers can pose a risk to public safety, officials caution.

Police are asking the public to help reduce “opportunity thefts” by always locking vehicles, never leave keys inside and take all belongings with you.