Councillor Fred Francis is pictured sharing his thoughts as Windsor city council debates hiring an in-house auditor general on October 29, 2015. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

Windsor Considering EpiPen Pilot

The City of Windsor is looking at potentially rolling out an EpiPen pilot project next year.

Council has asked administration to come back with a plan that will see EpiPens available at city community centres and the aquatic centre in 2017.

Ward 1 Councillor Fred Francis thinks the city needs to take baby steps first before a mass roll out of the epinephrine injection pens used for the emergency treatment of severe allergic reactions.

“A pilot project is usually something that allows us to learn … it’s a balanced approach,” says Francis. “It’s kind of one of those things where you probably have to walk before you can run, so if you’re thinking of parks, every outdoor facility [where EpiPens would be made available] — you know the potential could really be huge.”

He thinks having EpiPens stationed throughout the city is a good idea.

“Being able to have that extra added security element at a community centre or at a municipal facility I think will go a long way to making a lot of folks feel more comfortable,” says Francis.

Councillors in LaSalle recently nixed the idea of making EpiPens available across the town due to training and liability concerns.

— with files from Maureen Revait