Leamington Mayor John Paterson announces municipality's pledge to embrace cultural diversity, July 20, 2016. (Photo by Maureen Revait)

Leamington Makes Pledge To Cultural Diversity

The Municipality of Leamington and many community partners are taking a pledge to make cultural diversity a priority.

The municipality along with Leamington District Memorial Hospital, the Essex County OPP, and private organizations have committed to taking professional development training to improve cultural competency. The training will be completed by the South Essex Community Council.

“Having a number of organizations come forward in this way to me really says that this town, this community, is really serious about making sure that we are respectful and that we are welcoming to everyone who comes to our doors no matter what the reason is,” says Executive Director of the SECC Carolyn Warkentin.

The municipality is inviting all organizations in the community to join them in taking the pledge to improve cultural diversity.

“There’s a lot of misinformed hatred I think out there and if we can do just little steps like this to get the correct information in people’s hearts and minds then at least Leamington will be that much better,” says Leamington Mayor John Paterson.

Training at the municipality will begin with customer service staff at town hall and in the recreational facilities.