Sarah, a dog found at the John Waddell Dog Park May 26, 2016 (Photo courtesy of the OSPCA)

No Time For Dog Walking? Get This App

Do you have a dog, but no time to walk it? Yes, there is an app for that too.

It’s called “Go Fetch” and it launched in Windsor just two days ago.

Already co-founder, Willson Cross says it’s generating a lot of buzz.

“We’ve actually had, I believe, just over 100 applicants come in already,” he says.

The app matches dog walkers with people who just don’t have the time to walk Fido as much as they would like to. Walkers range from those who do it professionally to students hoping to make a little extra cash for school, and they’re all vetted.

“We have it fully secured and insured. The background check firm we use is with the same firm as Uber and Airbnb,” says Cross.

The app was launched in Vancouver just a year ago, and Cross says at least 1,000 people interact with it every day. It’s available in 15 Canadian cities; he hopes to take it nationwide.

“We’ve been getting flooded with emails from customers on the East Coast, you know, wondering whether or not we’d be coming there, so we thought it would be a good time,” says Cross.

You can access the app at the iTunes store or online. Dog owners will be asked to fill out a profile for their pet. Walkers have to apply.