UPDATE: Gas Explosion In Detroit Felt Locally

Detroit skyline. (Photo by Sarah Johnson)

Over 1,000 residents in Melvindale, MI were forced to leave their homes following an explosion at an energy facility, that was reportedly felt on the Canadian side of the border.

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that early Saturday morning, a vehicle crashed into a natural gas main at a DTE Energy facility, causing the massive explosion that prompted an evacuation order. Around 1,500  people were forced to leave their homes.

Social media users in Windsor and LaSalle reported that they could see the fire at the facility and, according to the Detroit Free Press, some say they even felt the explosion.

The driver of the vehicle was hurt in the crash but extent of the person’s injuries is unknown. No one else has been reported injured.

Residents were able to return home just after 9am when the evacuation order was lifted.