Driest May, June Since 2005

(File photo courtesy © Can Stock Photo Inc. / Spectral)

Farmers in southwestern Ontario are battling with a dry spell in May and June that hasn’t been since 2005.

Environment Canada meteorologist Geoff Coulson says last month Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent saw only 59.4mm of rain when we normally get around 89mm.

“Certainly we are getting some phone calls from folks down in the southwest wondering about the situation, wondering if there’s going to be any change in the pattern over the next little while,” he says.

“The agricultural community [is] obviously looking to get a little bit more in the way of rainfall.”

So far this month, Environment Canada is reporting 37.2mm of rain, which is shaping up to be the driest June since 2005. The normal average for the entire month of June is 86mm.

Coulson says a storm system is expected to move through late Sunday into Monday that may provide some relief to farmers.

Aside from that, he says the region will continue to be dryer than normal in the short term.

“We’re not really seeing anything major in the way of rainfall,” Coulson says about the next few weeks. “That pattern may shift somewhat as we get further into the month of July.”