17 Years For Canning Drive In Leamington

Mennonite Central Committee canning food in Leamington, which eventually gets sent to those in need internationally. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza, April 2016)

The Mennonite Central Committee canning drive is underway for the 17th year in Leamington.

MCC volunteer organizer Peter Fiss says moving to their new location at the Southwestern Ontario Gleaners facility has worked out well.

“We’ve moved over from the Heinz facility after they closed up and moved to the Gleaners and it’s a wonderful location,” says Fiss. “We’re grateful to be here.”

Fiss says 17 years of canning shows the volunteering spirit is alive and well in town.

“It’s wonderful that the community stepped up when the opportunity came to embrace this project and it’s a community effort,” says Fiss.

Volunteers will prepare 10,000 cans of meat by Thursday that will be shipped to MCC headquarters in Manitoba before being sent off to wherever needed. Fiss says last year’s cans were shipped out to 12 different locations in the world where food was needed.

Fiss adds volunteers are always in demand and are welcome to stop by the canning location in Leamington at 40 Industrial Rd. to lend a hand and call 519-326-7687 for more information. Click here for more on the MCC.