Amherstburg Residents Backing Mega Hospital

An information session on the planning process for a new single-site hospital and realigning of healthcare services in Windsor-Essex is held at the Libro Centre in Amherstburg on April 13, 2016. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

Residents in Amherstburg seem to be fully backing the efforts to build a new mega hospital for Windsor-Essex.

“It’s definitely something that has to go forward,” says Ross Scott, one of the many attending a public information session in Amherstburg on Wednesday night looking to show support for the project.

Alex Smith, another Amherstburg local, wants to see more in the region get on board.

“We all know that a lot of the money doesn’t get past London. We all got to work our butts off to get it down here,” says Smith, eager to see the project move forward. “When are we going to start building it? Let’s get on with it. Let’s not talk about it. Let’s do it.”

While residents attending the session held at the Libro Centre had questions and concerns of how healthcare would be administered under the proposed plans, many liked what they heard from local officials — made up of Windsor Regional Hospital CEO David Musyj, Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare CEO Janice Kaffer and steering committee co-chair David Cooke.

“I was really happy to hear how they were going to have the rooms laid out [in the hospital],” says Susan Russell, a local resident concerned with infection control at the new facilities. “The control of the air systems is paramount.”

The $2-billion project that would see a restructuring of healthcare services in Windsor-Essex has not yet received ministry approval, but local officials are hoping to get the green light before the end of the year.