Stable Finances Highlighted By Amherstburg Consultants

The Amherstburg town flag. (Photo by Adelle Loiselle)

So far, the consulting firm MDG Insight says residents have highlighted the need for stable finances as Amherstburg council gets set to write up a ten-year strategic plan.

“We’ve got a lot of amenities, probably the most per capita in the area,” says Mayor Aldo DiCarlo. “But that kind of stuff has to be sustained somehow.”

He says one way is to build up the town’s reserves.

Consultants also identified marketing Amherstburg as another area for improvement in a survey which closes at the end of the month.

DiCarlo says the town will hold two public meetings, but he’s excited about the prospect of meeting with high school students too.

“Since they are the ones that we hope will be living there, and visiting there, and you know, using what we are developing, I would argue they are one of the key stakeholders that we need to hear from,” he says.

Those public meetings are tentatively set for March 29 and 30, but DiCarlo says those dates may change.