Open Street Festival Approved (Poll) file photo of Windsor city councillor Paul Borrelli, September 21, 2015. (Photo by Jason Viau)

The City of Windsor will be hosting two Open Street festivals this summer to showcase city neighbourhoods and promote physical activity.

On the mornings of July 17 and September 19, an 8km route running through Sandwich and Ford City will be closed to vehicles to promote walking, riding, skating and other physical activities.

The two days will cost the city around $54,000 for marketing, policing, and programming.

Counillor Rino Bortolin says he was giddy when he found out Windsor was considering an event like this.

“This is wonderful money spent, creating great neighbourhoods, strengthening neighbourhoods and for that I just wanted to point out how enthusiastically I support this,” says Bortolin.

But Councillor Paul Borrelli believes the event is a big ‘misadventure’ and a waste of taxpayer money.

“It’s selling us on a fantasy. I cannot support this,” says Borrelli.

The event will run as a pilot for 2016. The city is hoping community sponsors will come on board to reduce costs to the city in the future.

Do you support the idea of Windsor's new Open Street Festivals?

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