LaSalle To Offer Amherstburg Policing Quote

LaSalle Mayor Ken Antaya (centre) chairs the regular council meeting on November 24, 2015. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

The City of Windsor is set to have more competition to provide Amherstburg policing services.

A notice of motion from LaSalle Mayor Ken Antaya will show up on the agenda at council’s next meeting where councillors are expected to vote on whether or not to offer the neighbouring town a quote for policing services.

Antaya says it’s something he’s already discussed with his counterpart in Amherstburg.

“It’s one thing for them to say verbally ‘Yeah, no problem,'” says Antaya. “But, if [Amherstburg council] accept it or not, then they can pass a resolution and we’ll move on it.”

In November, LaSalle council rejected an opportunity to get a quote for the City of Windsor to provide policing services in the town as part of the city’s talks with Amherstburg on the same subject. Antaya says his council has no regrets in passing up on a quote from the city.

“Is there any remorse about not going with Windsor? Well, we’ve never considered going with Windsor. The only people talking about going with Windsor has been Windsor,” says Antaya.

The LaSalle mayor feels it makes more sense for the town to look to fellow municipalities in Essex County to find policing efficiencies.

“When you start talking about LaSalle and Amherstburg, well that’s a better fit or even LaSalle with any other county municipality whom we have a number of partnerships with,” says Antaya. “What do we have in common with the City of Windsor? We share a boundary. That’s about it.”

Councillors in Amherstburg are also considering policing options with Essex as well as the OPP.