County Brewery And Distillery Team Up

Lonsbery Farms Brewing Co. CEO Karl Lonsbery pours a beer at Craft Heads Brewery in Windsor. (Photo courtesy Karl Lonsbery)

Harrow’s Lonsbery Farms Brewing Company and Amherstburg’s Wolfhead Distillery are partnering to make a better go of it in the growing craft beer and spirits market.

Lonsbery CEO Karl Lonsbery tells, a combined brewing and distilling staff will work to produce beer, vodka and whiskeys allowing both companies to maximize quality and efficiency.

“It’s going to save costs for both parties and for marketing and all those other aspects that come along with this industry, it’s going to help us out through a joint-venture ,” says Lonsbery. “We’re stronger together than we are a part.”

The partnership will give the two companies “a strong backbone” according to Lonsbery to better capitalize on what he sees as strong growth potential for the craft beer market.

“I’ve talked to a few guys already in the industry and they say once the supermarkets open up they’re expecting their production to increase by at least 30%,” says Lonsbery. “That’s on top of an already growing market.”

Lonsbery says the partnership will play a major part in diversifying the region’s wine country tourism as well.