Harrow Closure Has Trustee Considering Resignation

GECDSB Trustee Julia Burgess at the December 10, 2014 meeting. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

Public school board trustee Julia Burgess is considering resigning in light of the decision to close Harrow District High School.

The trustee for Kingsville and Essex feels conflicted in how to proceed after the October 13 vote of the Greater Essex County District School Board, telling BlackburnNews.com she told voters in the last municipal election campaign the school was safe.

“I feel that I’m there on the board under false pretenses,” Burgess said. “I was elected on something that I assured my community was true and indeed it wasn’t true.”

Burgess was on the losing side of the 5-4 vote to close the school.

“I think the community has the right to ask for my resignation if they think that’s necessary and for my own integrity I truly believe I’m there [on the board] under false pretenses in that, I sold the community a bill of goods you know?” Burgess said.

The trustee is holding a town hall meeting at St. Andrew’s Church in Harrow on October 26 to get feedback from constituents, but isn’t expected to make a final decision that night.