UPDATE: Horwitz Not Running For Tories

DWBIA Chair Larry Horwitz uses the backdrop of downtown Windsor to announce his bid to be the Conservative candidate in Windsor West on August 5, 2015. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

Windsor West Conservative nominee Larry Horwitz is unable to run in the upcoming election because he’s only been a party member for just over a month, the riding association confirms.

The federal party requires any candidate to maintain membership for a minimum of six months. Horwitz became a Conservative party member on July 1.

Chair of the Conservative nominating committee Al Teshuba says the association plans to have an official candidate on or before September 2.

Since only one other person came forward before Tuesday’s application deadline, this person will be acclaimed and a nomination meeting will not be held.

“This particular person is very well known within our riding association, friend of Larry’s, actually signed Larry’s papers,” Teshuba says. “He’s putting his name forward as a team player with regards to the timing of which we need to satisfy the rules and regulations.”

The Liberals still have yet to name a candidate, but do have one person seeking the nomination. Incumbent Brian Masse is running again for the NDP.