Level 1 Heat Alert Issued

Sunshine. (Photo courtesy of morgueFile)

A Level 1 heat alert has been issued for Windsor-Essex.

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit is sending out the caution as its expected to be 40 C (104 F) with humidity Wednesday.

Officials are recommending you drink plenty of water, frequent air conditioned spaces, wear a hat and loose-fitting clothing, limit outdoor activity and never leave kids or pets in vehicles.

They also recommend checking on vulnerable neighbours who may be seniors, people with chronic illness and the homeless.

A Level 2 heat alert would be issued when four or more days with the humidex reaching 40 C (104 F), a single day reaching 45 C (113 F) or four nights above 28 C (82 F) with humidity.

A Level 3 is considered a heat emergency, which is issued for a severe or prolonged concern such as power outages or water shortages.