Transit Challenge Targets Decision Makers file photo.

There’s a new kind of transit challenge underway in Windsor aimed at finding new ways to improve public transit.

It’s called the Transit Challenge. While regular riders can testify to a host of problems they face on a regular basis, organizer Paul Synnott hopes it brings those issues to the forefront for those who make decisions regarding Windsor Transit.

“The problem is the decision makers haven’t rode a bus in 25, 30 years,” he says. “When these multi-million dollar decisions are made at the budget table, they’re made with a little more awareness of how difficult it is for people who have to rely solely transit.”

The challenge has attracted the attention of two city councillors, Chris Holt and Rino Bortolin. Bortolin is convalensing with a knee injury and had to drop out, but Holt is already taken to Twitter with his observations.

Personally, Synnott hopes the challenge results in a GPS Transit App. “People have been calling for that transit app so you know when the bus shows up on time. In two weeks I already get it. I’ve missed countless buses.”