Family Farm Turns Mega-Hospital

Shawn O'Keefe speaks about offering up family land for the proposed mega-hospital, July 17, 2015. (Photo by Jason Viau)

The O’Keefe family say they always knew their 175-acre farmland near Windsor Airport would be developed one day.

“Because it’s a hospital and such a great project, I think what better way to give up your property,” says Shawn O’Keefe, whose parents own the land.

Located on County Rd. 42 and Ninth Concession Rd., 60 acres will be used for the proposed $1.6-billion mega hospital.

It’s emotional for the O’Keefe family because they earned their living on the farm for generations. But Shawn says he’s happy this day has come.

“I guess you kind of have to understand — literally my entire life people have told me someday this is going to be developed,” he says. “For almost 40 years now I’ve been thinking this was going to happen and now it is and that’s really where the emotion comes from.”

The land is being sold for $100,000 an acre, which totals $6-million.

The deal is set to close in July 2017, pending the Ministry of Health’s approval for the mega-hospital.