The study area of the Lauzon Parkway Environmental Screening Report. (Photo from

Hospital Could Fast Track Road Work

The location of the new mega-hospital on County Rd. 42 and Concession 9 is expected to expedite plans to extend Lauzon Parkway to Hwy. 401 and Hwy. 3.

The environmental study report on the widening of County Rd. 42 and extension of Lauzon Parkway was completed in the winter of 2014.

County Warden Tom Bain says the new hospital brings it front and centre. “The extension of the Lauzon Parkway will certainly aid in getting people to and out of the hospital quickly. That’s certainly something we’ll look at speeding up at the county.”

Bain says he’s pleased with the location that has been chosen, and feels it will serve both county and city residents well.

Click here for the detailed environmental study of the area.