Toddler Rescue Story Sticks Forever file photo of acting Windsor fire assistant chief Dave Hart, July 2, 2015. (Photo by Jason Viau)

After 31 years as a firefighter, there’s one call that Dave Hart will never forget.

Hart is acting Windsor fire assistant chief now, but it happened early in his career when he was a rookie. “You hear the cries,” he says.

“We had a fire on Wyandotte St. with a toddler that was left by the parents in a crib and the place was on fire,” says Hart. “We ended up, me and my partner, ended up rescuing the toddler that was in the crib and the room was full of smoke.”

He says it’s hard to describe the feeling of saving someone’s life. “You’re kind of in shock. You think about it afterwards, but when you’re job, your doing you’re job,” he says. “You don’t really realize that you’re in that scenario until days after that you realize you were part of saving somebody.”

Hart along with other 20 and 30-year veterans were honoured. Twelve new recruits were also sworn in.

After more than three decades fighting fires, Hart says he’s going to retire in about four years.