Payne’s WEEDC Restructuring Push

Windsor City Councillor Hilary Payne, February 2015. (Photo by Mike Vlasveld)

Windsor City Councillor Hilary Payne is trying to convince his colleagues the Windsor-Essex Economic Development Corporation needs restructuring.

“Ideally, you would have the mayor (of Windsor) and the warden (of Essex County), you would have three members for Windsor City Council — who would also, preferably, be members of the economic development committee of council — and if county council wants, you would also have three members of county council who would, by definition, also be mayors or deputy mayors out in the county.”

Payne was not satisfied when asking WEEDC for job creation results during this year’s city budget sessions. The city splits a cost of more than $2-million a year with the county, for the corporation.

Payne will make his case at tonight’s Windsor Council meeting.