Brewery Expands Into Ford City

Motor Craft Ales sign on Erie St. in Windsor, February 2015. (Photo by Mike Vlasveld)

A local nano brewery is expanding its business from a basement operation with hopes of infusing new life into the Ford City.

Motor Craft Ales owner Gino Gesulae is taking ownership of 1207 Drouilard Rd., which has been sitting empty for 30 years. He currently works out of the basement of Motor Burger on Erie St.

Gesulae says the initiative will create about 25 new jobs once it’s fully operational. “We specifically picked that site because it’s Ford City. We represent the Motor brand,” says Gesulae. “We’re paying homage to the city, creating jobs and our whole goal is to create a few manufacturing jobs on that street — kind of diversify.”

Gesulae expects it to take about a year to transform the building into a brewery with a tap room and a place to serve food. “In this operation I can retail my beer, so you can come in and buy it,” says Gesulae. “I can also continue to grow my wholesale business, which is supplying other restaurants.”