UofW Targets International Students

Vice-Provost, Students and International Clayton Smith addresses international students attending an orientation seminar at Vanier Hall on January 11, 2014.

The University of Windsor is playing host to a growing number of international students, something President Alan Wildeman wants to see continue.

Wildeman says revenue from foreign students has jumped to 34% this year from 15% in the 2010/11 school year. “The great increase in engineering and business in terms of international students is an example of that,” says Wildeman. “We’ve launched a whole new set of programs in science that are really attracting international graduate students.”

Wildeman says the university puts a “big effort” into luring students to Windsor. “It’s really becoming something that defines our campus and many of the international students who come, they want to stay here,” says Wildeman. “I certainly do not feel, at all, that any international students have prevented an Ontario student, a Windsor-Essex student from having a place on our campus.”

The University of Windsor also collects higher tuition rates from international students. For example, a full-time international student seeking an undergraduate degree in general engineering would pay $12,219.83 in tuition for the first year. Meanwhile, a Canadian student would pay $5,002 for the same program.