Demonstration Against Anti-Terrorism Bill (Gallery)

Windsor Day of Action against Bill C-51 Mar 14, 2015. (Photo by Adelle Loiselle)

Windsor is one of 25 cities across Canada hosting a day of action to protest the Harper government’s anti-terrorism bill, Bill C-51.

Among other things, the bill would expand the no-fly list and increase powers for Canada’s spy agency, CSIS. Critics, including facilitator of the Windsor protest, Patrick Hannon, say the definitions in the legislation are so open to interpretation that it could be used against activists. “C-51 could interfere with our democracy and how people stand up for themselves.”

Hannon says the rhetoric used by Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney in defence of the bill tells Canadians a lot. “That kind of rhetoric just simply reinforces the very weak position on which this bill is founded.

“Testifying before a parliamentary committee, Blaney said terrorists “hate us” and “Jihadists have declared war on Canada”.

The protest starts at 1pm Saturday in front of the Paul Martin Building on Ouellette Ave.