New Ontario Women’s Soccer League

Former Windsor Stars Head Coach Steve Vagnini (furthest) and Goalie Coach Eddie Krusarovski watch on at a team practice on June 3, 2014. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

League1 Ontario is announcing a new six-team women’s division.

The new soccer league has St. Clair College Women’s Soccer Team Head Coach Steve Vagnini hoping a Windsor team will be added in the future.

“I would love for my players to play there. This way they stay fight and technically sound all summer and then when they come back to me, they’re ready to go,” says Vagnini, adding the new league gives players more options. “As soon as they’re done their university or college careers, there’s not too much left for them. This League1 will allow them to continue playing in the prime of their life at a good level.”

The new league would provide a semi-professional level of competition for women players beginning May 2015. The League1 Ontario men’s division launched just a year ago.