Getting Ideas Off The Ground

Ontario Minister of Research and Innovation Reza Moridi speaks to a crowd at the University of Windsor's EPICentre, January 20, 2015. (Photo by Mike Vlasveld)

A new campus-linked business accelerator at the University of Windsor is getting $1.1-million from the province.

President of Ontario Centres of Excellence Tom Corr says the school’s EPICentre, located on Wyandotte St. at California Ave., is a home for entrepreneurs with very early stage business ideas. “What they get over here is mentoring by experienced business people. They can get access to our various programs with some amounts of funding, which they have to compete for. They get a place to work out of. They also get a peer group who they can talk to about their experiences about getting their company going.”

Corr says the centre should be viewed as a community resource, as you don’t need to be a university student to apply for space.

Ontario is providing $20-million over the next two years for campus-linked accelerators, as part of its Youth Jobs Strategy.