Mosquito Problem Going To RFP file photo of a worker monitoring mosquitos.

Amherstburg residents will have to wait a little while longer to find out how the town plans to handle an aggressive mosquito problem near the Honeywell plant.

Last summer, residents complained they were being eaten alive by the insects, and Mayor Aldo DiCarlo says council doesn’t want to hold off on a solution too long. However, the proposal on the table may not be the best option.

“The way the motion was submitted, we would have been committing to possibly a sole source solution,” he says. “We’re going to address it in the best way possible for all of the residents, the ones who live there and the residents whose taxes will be used to pay for these solutions.”

GDG Environment, the same company that provides larvidicing for the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit, offered the town two scenarios. The first included grass cutting, removing standing water and larviciding around Fraserville, which would cost $250,000. The other offered those services in the area bordered by Thrasher Dr., Conc. Rd. 2 and Lowes Side Rd. for $460,000, adding 2.5% to the annual tax levy.

The motion was deferred to budget deliberations. At that time, council will issue a request for proposals.