Local Coach Representing Canada

Essex Ravens Head Coach Glen Mills gets set to coach Canada's U-18 national team in Texas. (photo courtesy of WECDSB)

Essex Ravens Head Coach Glen Mills is heading to Texas to coach Canada’s U-18 national football team against the best young players in the United States.

The game is part of the 2015 International Bowl Series, and Mills can’t wait to be a part of it. “Pretty much every one of (the USA’s) 40 guys have already committed to an division one (NCAA) school,” he explains. “That being said, we’re very, very talented as well. We’re big, we’re physical, we have some fantastic players on defense. It’s going to be exciting. I think we match up well against them.”

The game is set for January 30, and is being played at the $1.2-billion Cowboy Stadium in Arlington.

Mills says the game will be televised and available to be streamed online, which means more exposure for Canadian athletes.