New Windsor Councillors Digging In

Ward 1 Windsor City Councillor Fred Francis, December 15, 2014. (photo by Mike Vlasveld)

New Windsor city councillors are over their first meeting jitters, with some already putting administration to work.

Ward 4 Councillor Chris Holt is asking for a report on bylaws that affect the walkability of neighbourhoods, to see how the documents might be able to be tweaked.

He says he’d been waiting 12 years to ask that question. “I made some pretty obvious goals during my campaign and actually during my career, hanging around city hall, that this is the direction I want to go. So I’ve got to start laying out that road map.”

Ward 1 Councillor Fred Francis describes his first meeting as a lot of fun. “Being able to ask questions that are so important to so many people, move motions, or vote on things that really affect so many people in our city and the quality of life in our city; what a privilege. What an awesome responsibility.”

The next meeting of Windsor City Council isn’t until January 5.