Lakeshore’s Recreation Centre Officially Opens

Lakeshore's director of community and development services Steve Salmons, left, Lakeshore mayor Tom Bain and Essex MP Jeff Watson attend the Atlas Tube Centre's grand opening on December 13, 2014. (Photo by Jason Viau)

Lakeshore’s new $58.8-million recreation complex is now officially open.

Since September, only the three NHL-size hockey rinks were accessible inside the Atlas Tube Centre.

Lakeshore Director of Community and Development Services Steve Salmons says there are a lot of unique features inside this new complex. “Now we can consolidate all Lakeshore residents into one site. We have an indoor walking track with an olympic textured surface,” says Salmons. “When we make ice, we take the heat out of the glycol and we’re heating all the seats from the floor up — in-floor heating in all three arenas. We’re heating the walking track from the floor up.”

Salmons says the Atlas Tube Centre is a much-needed step up from the town’s old arena. “If we’re going to continue to grow as a community, not only in terms of new residential growth, but new commercial growth,” says Salmons. “If we’re going to have the population base that will have the skills and the people available for the new industry that we want to attract to Lakeshore and the entire region, you have to have these facilities in place. These are economic imperatives.”

The public can also enjoy the new library, large gym, dance studio and indoor track. Construction for the aquatics portion of the complex began Monday.