Homeless Receive Largest Food Donation (Video)

Street Help Homeless Centre administrator Christine Wilson-Furlonger receives the largest ever food donation on December 15, 2014. (Photo by Jason Viau)

The homeless community in Windsor will be well taken care of this holiday season, with Street Help receiving its largest-ever food donation.

Administrator Christine Wilson-Furlonger says¬†this morning’s donation¬†will last at least five or six months. “I’m extremely overwhelmed. It’s incredible to see such a beautiful gift come in to know it’s not going to be such a hardship for us to provide for our people,” says Wilson-Furlonger.

Joe Quigg with Quigg International, working with Zehrs on Malden Rd., donated over $10,000 worth of food. It included several skids of things like pasta sauce, peanut butter, coffee and toilet paper. “When you’ve seen a look on a child’s face or a family’s face when they’re hungry, you’d know why we’re doing this,” says Quigg. “We’re hoping at least for the cold months they don’t have to worry about food at a minimum.”

Wilson-Furlonger says Street Help is still always in need of community support, especially for cash donations to help pay rent and utilities.