Local Twins Featured In Doc

Allison and Lauren Knight of Kingsville are featured in the documentary "Two of a Kind." (Photo courtesy of Allison and Lauren Knight.)

A documentary airing on the CBC’s The Nature of Things features two Kingsville women.

Allison and Lauren Knight, identical twins who have written a book about their unique relationship, have never been apart for more than four hours. At 31, the women have the same circle of friends, are both students in the Faculty of Education program at the University of Windsor and even dress alike. Allison describes it as a lifestyle choice that some find difficult to comprehend. “There’s never been any reason for us to be apart and we just prefer to be together.”

The documentary is the brainchild of another twin Leora Eisen who travelled from Montreal to Melbourne to explore the world of twinship, including a trip to the world’s largest twin jamboree in Twinsburg, Ohio.

“Two of a Kind” also delves into how the genetic similarities and differences between twins are helping scientists understand diseases like obesity and cancer.

The documentary airs tonight at 8pm.