Tecumseh Mayoral Race Recount

The McNamara family celebrates Gary McNamara's election win at Armondo's in Tecumseh, October 27, 2014. (photo by Mike Vlasveld)

A former Tecumseh mayoral candidate has filed an application for a vote recount, citing irregularities with the online voting system.

Antonello Di Millo, who garnered just 343 votes in the town’s mayoral race, is calling for one after online voting results were delayed for hours on election night.

Mayor Gary McNamara, who was re-elected with more than 5,500┬ávotes, says the Superior Court will deal with the matter on November 25. “I guess that’s why we live in a democracy and I’m sure that everything at the end of the 25th of November will be as we determined on October 27.”

McNamara says the unfortunate thing is that money will be coming out of the taxpayers pocket to deal with this issue. The mayor doesn’t know exactly how much it will cost, but explains they have to hire lawyers.