WIFF Breaks Festival Record

Windsor International Film Festival Executive Director Vincent Georgie celebrates the 10th anniversary of the festival. (Photo by Jason Viau)

The curtains are drawn and the Windsor International Film Festival is on track to boast its best attendance numbers ever.

With 109 films being screened over the last nine days, WIFF Executive Director Vincent Georgie says many of these movies move on to become a huge success. “Many will receive theatrical release after our festival and after going on the festival circuit,” says Georgie. “They’ll head to other festivals, whether in Canada or elsewhere in the world. They do end up getting some traction. Once you start getting traction at one or two festivals, other festivals start taking notice.”

One of this year’s most popular films is Whiplash, which follows a young jazz drummer as he tries to achieve fame.

Final numbers will be released in the coming days, but Georgie is confident it has been a record-breaking 10th anniversary.