Lakeshore May Hire Real Estate Agent

The Town of Lakeshore crest sits behind the council table at the municipal building in Belle River. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

It appears the Town of Lakeshore will have to work a little harder to find a buyer for the Puce Sports and Leisure Centre. So far, nobody’s made a bid for it.

Town council will vote Monday whether to issue a Request for Proposals for real estate services.

Under the business case for the new Atlas Tube Centre, the town was hoping to sell the old centre for at least $500,000. When bidding closed last month, the only party that showed interest was Sarah Ilijanich who had hoped the town would hand it over for $1. She operates the Lakeshore Academy of Fine Arts in the Puce facility and fears she’ll have to close the school if she’s forced to relocate.

Meanwhile, the town may finally be ready to award the bid for Phase II at the Atlas Tube Centre. Bids from the first round of potential contractors were at least $7-million over the $14.5-million budget, so council issued a second Request for Proposals. This time the bids range from $13.1-million to $14.1-million.

The town hopes to finish Phase II by June 2016.