Putting A Scare Into Hunger

St. Gabriel’s Catholic Elementary School in Windsor is donating 4,000 cans of food to the Downtown Mission.

It’s part of the school’s We Scare Hunger campaign, run by its social justice club.

In previous years the school has raised money for wells to be dug and schools to be built in Africa, but Principal Brian Marenchin says it’s important for the kids to realize they can make an impact locally too. “As a result of this initiative, our social justice club is going to the Downtown Mission to stack cans, etc., to really get a first-hand look at exactly what all of their efforts are going towards.”

Marenchin says the goal for the campaign had been just 1,000 cans. He adds that it’s great to see the excitement that a campaign like this generates, and he already has kids asking him what their next challenge is.