County Closing Victoria Street Manor

Essex County flag. (Photo by Mike Vlasveld)

Built in 1991, the County of Essex is now targeting January 31, 2015 as the closure date for Victoria Street Manor in Amherstburg.

County CAO Brian Gregg says it doesn’t make operational or financial sense to keep the care home open any longer as up to $250,000 in renovations and another $300,000 a year in staffing costs are needed to meet new provincial fire safety standards.

“Perhaps not impossible but impractical,” says Gregg, commenting on the viability of keeping the home open. “The facility really has some deficiencies that can’t be overcome by making renovations. We can try to add staff, we can try to do a whole bunch of things, but it’s still inherently a wood frame building that would be susceptible to a fire.”

Gregg says the 11 residents will be safe in the home leading up to the closure and housing arrangements will be made.

County officials are set to meet with CUPE over the future of the full-time and part-time staff totalling 11 currently working at Victoria Street Manor.