Losing Ford Investment Is ‘Shameful’

Windsor City Councillor Irek Kusmierczyk speaks at St. Clair College, February 13, 2014.

Councillor Irek Kusmierczyk is laying blame on the provincial and federal governments after Ford decided to take its investment to Mexico instead of Windsor.

Kusmierczyk is taking issue with both levels of government providing billions of dollars to the 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games, but not securing a deal to create jobs in Windsor.

He says the province and the feds are together footing 70% of the $2.5-billion price tag to host the games for two weeks. “You’re telling me they couldn’t come to the table here, to secure this deal, to clinch this deal, to secure 1,000 good-paying jobs,” says Kusmierczyk. “They couldn’t come to the table for that, where are their priorities?”

Ford recently announced it isn’t making a $2-billion investment to bring a new engine product to Windsor, which would have created more than 1,000 jobs. “We let 1,000 good-paying jobs, long-term jobs, slip through our fingers,” says Kusmierczyk. “Queen’s Park and Ottawa have some answers to provide to this community.”